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Central Barren Ground Caribou Hunt

Central Barren Ground Caribou Hunt


All inclusive of licenses and tax

Ask for Scott Smith, I will be assisting you personally. 

Things to Bring

Weapon, case and ammunition

Binoculars range finder 

Warmest clothes
Waterproof bottomed boots to get in/out of boats but then walk in rocky terrain
Rain gear 
Small flashlight/batteries, optics
Sunscreen, chapstick 

Toilet paper
Baby wipes
All your medications plus: Tylenol, Imodium, anti-motion sickness medication, Small first aid kit

Passport and drivers license identification for border crossings 

*must be free of any restrictions that would not allow you entry into Canada.  D.W.I or related offenses, felonies or other concerns contact Scott personally at 1 (204) 281 2746 

Additional information
Bring what you need. Warm and wind proof. 
You will probably be wearing the same outer clothes all week. Pack fresh under garments you don’t want to over pack on clothes, but keep a set of clean clothes aside for when you return to Repulse Bay and take a shower. You will be drinking, cooking with and washing with fresh arctic water. If you hate plain water bring powdered fruit drink mixes or powdered Gatorade to put with iceberg water. You will be on the Arctic Circle, there will not be a convenience store, pharmacy or doctor. Your cell phone won’t work there as of yet, unless you use WiFi (which is limited)  There is a grocery store in the town. Once you leave the town you will not be near a store again for a week. 

When you arrive your 2 Caribou licenses will be written out and when you depart your export permit will be written.

It is recommended that you discuss the following with Scott in advance:
- details about transporting antlers and capes 
- gun restriction information
- hotels in Winnipeg