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Whitetail Deer Hunting in Manitoba, Canada


Manitoba Whitetail Deer Hunt

The benefit of hunting with us?

We have access to over 100,000 acres of land; we lease farmland and we also hunt government land which is allocated to us to hunt.

Hunting Experience

Hunting pressure here is low, food source is great, and good habitat is evident. Trophy deer hunting is dependent upon adult age, great food and prime genetics. Here in Manitoba we have all this. Let’s talk about hunting pressure. Manitoba covers an area about equal to Michigan & Wisconsin combined or Pennsylvania & New Jersey combined yet only about 1000 non-resident deer hunting licenses are sold. As you can see hunting pressure is almost non-existent. 

Our land is vast, with high quality grain farms producing oats, canola, wheat & barley surrounded by dense forest land. Our roadways are also few & far between which limits access & limits deer kill. All these factors are what allows our deer to become old, reproduce and become big. Our hunting success is based on experience, hard work, and focused attention on our hunters. 

We take a number of hunters and utilize the archery, muzzleloader and rifle season. Archery season starts early in the Fall but for your best opportunity we take hunters mid to the end of October.  This puts us closer to the rut and the weather is still manageable. 

Muzzleloader season starts mid-October and goes into the first week of November, which leads into 3 weeks of rifle season. Our peak rut falls during the rifle season. 

During archery we utilize open tree stands like lone wolf climbers and lock ons. During muzzleloader and rifle season we use an assortment of ground blinds and tree stands which are heated with variations of propane heaters. To maximize your hunting opportunity we encourage you to stay out all day in the stand. Which brings the cold weather up. 

To hunt all day here in Manitoba in November, you must plan for a cold weather experience. 


Hunting Itinerary

Typical schedule is breakfast between 4:30-5:30 a.m., in the stands by 6:30a.m., bag lunch & snacks, back to the camp for supper at 6:30p.m.