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Caribou Hunting in Nunavut, Canada


I'm telling you! You haven’t been on an adventure until you do this hunt. We have been told by our hunters that this is the ultimate hunt & a lifetime experience. Unlike any other trip! You will be hunting Canada Central Barren Ground Caribou on the Arctic Circle in the new territory called Nunavut--this is non-migrating Caribou. They remain in the same region year round. 

The Arctic Circle is seldom traveled to & you have the opportunity to hunt in an area that sees few outsiders. Experience the Adventure of a Lifetime!





The Hunt

We have hunted Caribou since 1996 taking only 20 hunters per year, every hunter has brought home 2 bulls.

Hunts starts about mid- August and ends mid-September and you should see Caribou during your hunt whether you hunt the first week or the last week. 




We fly on the Calm Air airline from Winnipeg.  This is a commercial flight in a small plane which seats about 30 people but mostly carries cargo up. Airlines in Canada as in the United States have many restrictions but we are at their mercy. Baggage restrictions are 70 lbs, no more than 50 lbs per individual bag.

You will fly out of Winnipeg Airport about 6 am and after several stops along the way you will land in Repulse Bay at about 2 pm. At that point hunters are met by their guides and weather permitting set out on their hunt. There is a guide for every two hunters. You will leave the town by boat, glassing the shoreline for Caribou then getting on land to hunt & make camp. Caribou are constantly moving, just feeding & bedding down.



Each camp consists of a tent, cook stove, cooking utensils, and sleeping mats. You live amongst the Caribou, seals, polar bears, icebergs and whales for the week. We have maintained this “living on the land” hunt due to the environment and our hunters preference. Most of the memorable experiences could not have happened from a permanent camp location. 


This far North, safety is our primary concern & the weather is the ruling force. The Hudson Bay is a huge, saltwater sea filled with icebergs & home to seals, whales, walrus & polar bears. This is a primitive land, about 500 miles North of the tree line, rock hard land covered in lichen moss. The Inuit people have survived by respecting this harsh land. Although temperatures this time of year are near 40 degrees, it will feel cold because we are always near the water with icebergs in it. Everyone should dress for the coldest weather. It is generally light from about 4am to midnight & Caribou are hunted through out the day. Again safety is stressed as the most important & deciding factor in the Arctic.